Supporting families in rural Sri Lanka

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A Charity Fundraiser on 14 Nov 2015 to support war widows and their families with community development opportunities in rural Sri Lanka. Venue is Great Western Function Center, at the Greyhound Social Club at 140 Rookwood Road, Yagoona.

Our current project is the “Sanitary Napkin Small Business Project” where war widows in difficult circumstances will be provided with:
– A 2 year rent free lease on cost effective sanitary napkin machines innovated by A. Muruganantham
– A customisable business model with pricing structure for initial set up
– Training on manufacturing, marketing and sales as well as basic account keeping techniques.
The main goals of this project are:
1) To provide a source of sustainable income for war widows and their families, whilst building self-confidence and self-reliance
2) To educate women, and subsequently their children and community, about good hygiene practices
3) To encourage small business activity in rural areas to stimulate economic development.
Woman and child in Sri Lanka