KidWalker for Isaac

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Description: Two year old Isaac suffers from Dystonic Cerebral Palsy a condition that affects the ability to control muscles and walk unaided. The KidWalker is a unique dynamic walking aid that allows a child to walk without having to depend on the help of another person. The innovative Positioning System on the KidWalker enables a child to move and step naturally, the hands free design allows active and independent exploration of the environment.
Outcome: The KidWalker is assisting Isaac to stand upright, walk and kick a ball. As a result of using this device Isaac will develop muscle strength in his legs,gain independence, be able to participate in a greater range of activities with other children and gain more confidence.
Project Team: Mike Barnett, M. Thillai Nadesan, Greg English (ALCMF)
Funded by: Epping Eastwood Lions Club in conjunction with the Australian Lions Children’s Mobility Foundation and the Cerebral Palsy Alliance – Ryde Centre.
Status: Completed February 2015
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