Used Stamps, Spectacles, Eye Glasses and Brassieres Recycling

Recycling Used Spectacles Glasses

Lions Club of Epping Eastwood collects used postage stamps for donating to charity and used spectacles and eye glasses for cleaning and giving to adults and children in need who can’t afford to buy their own glasses.

Brassieres are also being sought for women in less fortunate countries that don’t have access to comfortable undergarments.

Your donated used spectacles / eyeglasses are sent throughout the world to Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs and Humanitarian organisations for distribution to people in need.

Please contact us if you would like to donate stamps or used spectacles to us here at Epping, or simply post them to:

Epping Eastwood Lions Club, PO Box 469, Epping NSW 2121 Australia.


There is also a recycling receptacle open during normal shopping hours, located at:

Bendigo Bank, 2 Oxford Street, Epping NSW, 2121


Recycling Used Spectacles Glasses
Recycling Used Spectacles
Collect Used Stamps For Charity
Collect Used Stamps For Charity

Bendigo Bank, 2 Oxford St, Epping is open Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to noon.